Privacy Policy

The Organika website attaches great significance to respecting visitors and their rights, particularly with regard to protection of their online privacy. We have developed a Privacy Policy to describe how we gather, process and store personal data.
The Organika website reserves the right to modify its Privacy Policy. Any person using Organika Website, in any way, shall be bound by the existing Privacy Policy.

General objectives:
• We will only gather personal data that you have chosen to disclose;
We will not use your data for purposes other than the ones you have agreed to;
• Your personal data will not be transmitted to third parties, over whom we do not have total control;
• Third parties will have no access to any personal data in our possession;
• You will have the right to access and rectify your personal data in our possession;
• Upon your express request, we will immediately stop processing your personal data;
• we will closely follow the provisions of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data, J. of Laws No. 133, item 883;
• We will quickly respond to all queries and remarks with regard to our privacy policy.

Personal Data
Personal data gathered from users of Organika Website can be accessed only by authorized people and people responsible for the site. They are all obliged to keep the data confidential and prevent access by unauthorized persons.
Our website does not feature any customer lists; we do not disclose customers to any other parties and, particularly, we do not sell them.  All customers must use their own discretion while making independent decisions as to the extent, form and addressees of the data to disclose.  The above provision applies to the same extent to all e-mail addresses and data of people who, while not our customers, fill in any of the forms available on our website.  
Upon filling in such forms, you are obliged to agree to have your personal data processed for purposes of Organika Website. You should remember that your consent to have your personal data processed by Organika Website for marketing purposes is absolutely voluntary. All users have the right to access and rectify their personal data.
Following the user's consent, we process the data to send promotional/informational materials, offer products, and carry out market research or opinion surveys.
The data originating from contact or registration forms filled in by the visitors are used solely for the purpose of business communication (oral or written) concerning cooperation with partners or other business matters. The data are not disclosed to third parties.

User rights
The Organika website provides you with permanent access to your personal data as stored on our server. You can modify it any time or request its removal from our database and server.

The Organika website gathers data to be used for statistical purposes.

Unsolicited Mail

We reserve the right to send unsolicited e-mail messages to the person which disclosed their personal data in contact or registration forms. Unsolicited mail is understood to be information which is directly related to Organika Website (modifications, new offers, sales promotions etc.) and non-commercial correspondence (greeting cards, virus alerts, personal remarks etc.).